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    Crafted Liquid (10 ml.)

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    Crafted Liquid (10 ml.)

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    Crafted with the simple goals of Quality , Perfection and Flavor. Choose between the following flavors:

    The Custard A complex and extremely fine-tuned premium custard. Different vanilla flavors come together with the taste of both traditional and modern custard to create the core of the flavor. Carefully chosen nuances like caramel fudge, white chocolate, light cream and pecan gelato are just some of the many subtle flavors used as a treat for your throat. A so far unachieved smooth, deep and rich custard flavor, without it being too heavy. “The Custard“ is combined of the highest quality components and crafted with a specially developed production and steeping method. The result is a luxurious full bodied and sophisticated vanilla custard. With it`s fantastic smooth throat hit and very own character, this e-liquid is destined to satisfy your every custard cravings.

    The Strawberry Milkshake Consists of more than 20 carefully selected concentrates, aimed to achieve the authentic experience of enjoying a real strawberry milkshake.
    Juicy, fruity and sweet strawberries - perfectly balanced with the exquisite creamy taste of true milkshake. Our specially designed strawberry flavor, only used for this liquid, is incomparable to any strawberry flavor one have ever had the pleasure of experiencing before. The flavor profile is authentic, fruity, sweet, juicy while still maintaining the characteristic “creamy-strawberry” taste, used in a real strawberry milkshake. The milkshake part alone took us more than 10 months to develop, for it to be a perfect match with our crafted strawberry. Delivering a creamy, smooth, vanilla’ish and multilayered experience, with perfect association to a real milkshake.  
    Carefully selected ingredients are used, to create the absolute best fusion, between the strawberry and the milkshake profiles. Giving the result of a silky smooth vaping experience, that provides an extremely satisfying throat hit. Not to mention the unmatched aftertaste that is destined to make you come back for more!

    The pineapple dream a complex mix between fresh fruits, icecream, sorbet and dessert creams.
    Imagine juicy chunks of fresh cut pineapple, stirred together with pineapple sorbet. Combine it with layers of creamy vanilla ice-cream, dragon-fruit sorbet and well balanced counter parts of sweet lemon-lime, mango and peach. And finally sweet notes light vanilla-cream as a finishing touch of perfection on top. This flavor, first had its debut in a dream… Has been a nightmare to create….But we finally brought it to life! Both the inhale and the exhale of “The Pineapple Dream” will take you on a flavor journey, where every part of this luxury liquids flavor profiles clearly shines trough, for you to lean back and enjoy this delicate fruit dessert.  Gently steeped/matured with a specially developed, multi parted method, only used for this flavor. We proudly introduce sweet dreams bottled for your satisfaction.


    10ml. premium vapor liquid 
    0mg/ml / 3mg/ml / 6mg/ml. 

    Crafted Liquid is located in Denmark. The company only produces premium vapor liquid from the highest quality components available, some ingredients are even found locally. Through years of research, Crafted Liquid has perfected the science of vaping and flavor blending and we really look forward to share our experiences with you. Our first flavor to hit the market is “The Custard”, and two additional new flavors are very soon added to our collection. Every batch is handled with superior accuracy and top hygiene. Crafted Liquid strive to deliver the very best quality at an affordable price. Not compromising anything to assure you an until now unachieved rich vaping experience.

    5 - 16, BOND STREET,
    Company No.: 08372965
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    Vaper-Cig was established by a group of former smokers and enthusiastic e-cig users. In 2006, the e-cigarette became our hobby as it helped us quit smoking.

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